VIP eClub® Marketing Inc. is an email marketing company that provides email marketing service and solution to restaurants, bars and spas. We help our clients capture the power of the internet by deploying and managing your email campaigns and helping your business grow.  After all, your customers are VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE, and keeping in touch with your customers is a very important task. We help you grow your database, market your business, increase your customer base with frequency, loyalty and maximum return on your investment.

VIP eClub® is your partner in applying this new plan of action for your business and implementing a more personalized marketing strategy for your customers.






We help you collect and manage your
VIP list.
Your customers can fill out a form at your establishment
or subscribe on-line
directly from your website.
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 We personalize each
email sent to your VIP's by name, and language preference.
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We create your announcement
or special promotional offer for Holidays, Birthdays and
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We send out your email message, 100%
Can-SPAM compliant, with your logo
and graphics.
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With more people using
mobile devices to receive emails, your message will always get through.
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We give you accurate reporting for each
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