Email Marketing
VIP eClub® makes Email Marketing simple, because we do all the work.
We offer not only the solution, but also the service to maintain and manage your Email Marketing campaigns on your behalf.

We help you collect, manage and grow your customer contact database.
This is permission-based opt-in contact data from your customers who have
requested to join your VIP eClub®. This is not spam and we do not use any purchased list.

How is the data collected?
You can offer your client’s registration cards to fill out at your establishment.
Your clients can sign up directly from your website with a sign up form created on our server.
Take it one step further and offer your clients the ability to sign up through an electronic device,
                                      (this option is available if your establishment has wireless internet connection)

Already have a list?
If you already have a customer list, we can help you send out your emails
with a planned marketing program according to your specific needs.

                                     VIP eClub® = Customers = Members

All emails sent to your VIP eClub® members are personalized. Personalizing emails makes your contacts feel as though your email was created specifically for them. Our system takes into account language preference of the member. (French or English).

We create email, in HTML and in Text version. Our system will automatically send out emails to your member’s Birth month, with your specific promotion. When a customer uses the e-coupon, their name will be on it, so that we can monitor how effective is the campaign.

Reports and Statistics

We offer clients accurate reporting for each email campaign sent to your members.
Reporting is important in order to gauge the effectiveness of each campaign. Who opened the email and who didn’t? We can evaluate the effectiveness of your messages with statistics and detailed graphs in order to measure what attracts attention and gets results.

Social Media     

If your business has a Facebook or Twitter account, we can add this link to each email sent and extend the relationship with your members and offer an easy way to promote your social network. Members can become fans and followers in a click, thus increasing your social media presence.

Email and Mobility   

With instant email access through iPhones and Blackberry, users can now access their emails directly from their mobile device.  Convenient, effective and excellent way to connect with your customers!

The Law

All email messages sent out will have the option for members to disengage and unsubscribe from the mailing at any time. VIP eClub® Marketing Inc. adheres to only the best practices in the industry. 
This is the Law. (BILL C-27)

VIP eClub® is an email marketing company specializing in strategic online marketing. We work with our clients so that every one of their customers increases their visits and remains a loyal customer.

The best customers are repeat customers! This service is for business owners who understand the importance of harnessing the power of the internet to effectively execute an on-line email marketing strategy.

As your list of VIP eClub® members begins to grow, so do results.

Contact us today for more information.